LABC Partner

GreenSky Architecture has been accepted as a parnter with Local Authority Building Control. GreenSky Architecture is partnered with Oldham MBC and Tameside MBC.

What does Partnering Mean?
Partnering allows an architectural practice to develop professional relationships with specific local authorities so that building regulation submissions can be submitted with the partnering authorities for projects anywhere in England and Wales.

Does Partnering Cost the Client Anything?
No, the costs are the same. The only difference is that the local authoirty undertaking the plan check will be different to the local authority undertaking the inspections and therefore the inspection fees will be invoiced by your local council rather than our partnering authorities.

Do you have to use a Partnering Authority?
No, GreenSky can either submit to your local authority or to our partners.

Does the client benefit from Partnering?

Yes, typically applications are checked quicker as the design team and partnering authorities have an understanding of how each other works. GreenSky's partnering authoriteis are local to our office and therefore it is easier to resolve design issues and attend design meetings.